The FormSmith Software Program Includes:

  • A list of services with CPT codes. Edit your fees and you’re ready to go.
  • A list of ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis files populated with common chiropractic diagnoses.
  • A zip code list for the entire United States. Key in a zip code and the program will find and insert the city and state for you.
  • Electronic Claims Processing.
  • SOAP note system.
  • Online training courses for the software (see ‘Training’ in the menu above)
  • Free and easy one-click software updates.
  • One year of support that includes software AND insurance questions. Support thereafter is a very modest $350.00 per year (which must be paid or the program ceases to function).

This entire software system is only


But wait there’s more …

JumpStart Program

If you like you can take advantage of our JumpStart Program. You get:

A $1947.00 value all for only


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