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Chiropractic Insurance Seminars

chiropractic insurance seminar The practice of chiropractic is subject to many rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in severe penalties - even jail time. It is a huge mistake to operate your practice and not be aware of these rules.

A cash practice does not exempt you from having to follow the insurance regulations. Just because you do not accept assignment, it does not mean that you cannot or will not be audited. If an insurance company determines that they have overpaid on a claim, they can demand repayment from the doctor even though payment was made to the patient.

At a FormSmith seminar we will teach you how to process insurance properly. We cover documentation, coding, billing, Medicare, managed care, workers compensation, personal injury, chiropractic business practices and much much more.

Without this information, you will learn to process insurance the same way we did - one mistake at a time. And let me assure you, this is the most expensive and most frustrating way to get this highly specialized information.

Chiropractic Software

chiropractic software

The billing software you use in your office is the tool you use to dig the gold. The FormSmith Insurance Expert System is more than simply a CD in a shrink wrap box. With FormSmith you get a day of training in your office so that when we leave, you are ready to file claims. Also included is a review of your fees and codes - this is a $2,500 to $5,000.00 value if purchased seperately from other vendors.

Unsupported practice management software has little value in the rapidly changing insurance environment. At FormSmith our support:

  • Support by phone 5 days a week - not email or live chat.
  • Is by the programmer and developer of the software.
  • No support calls are ever routed over seas.
  • Includes expert insurance advise - an invaluable asset for your office.
  • New version upgrades are always free on the internet.
  • Ongoing support is currently a very modest $250.00 per year.

  • Chiropractic office software alone will not (and can not) solve the task of insurance processing ... this requires an understanding of the process. This understanding can only be gained through experience and/or the training we offer you. If you buy another program, you may very well end up making the same mistakes you are making now - just more efficiently!