Program Downloads

Updates are quickly installed using the ‘FormSmith Update’ program which has this square green icon. It should be installed on your desktop. If not, re-install the program – see ‘Install Program’ below.

FormSmith Installation Program

This program will install FormSmith on your computer and put startup icons for the FormSmith program and the FormSmith Update program on your desktop. The program will run in demonstration mode until a registration number is obtained.

Install FormSmith on your computer

Update ActiveX Controls

ActiveX controls are registered in the Windows registry when the program is installed but can become lost or corrupt. These controls must be registered on the server and all the client computers. This installation will register the controls without overwriting the program (with an older version).

This installation can also be accessed through the ‘FormSmith Update Program’ which should already be installed on your desktop – Click: Install | ActiveX Controls [OK]


Set Computer Clock

Neutron is a free application for Windows that you can use to check and see if your computer’s clock is working correctly. If it’s not, then you can synchronize the time to match that of a specialized server.

The program itself is very simple, since it only performs two actions: displaying the real time compared to your computer’s clock, and synchronizing the two to match the first option.


DocumentPlus Specifications

Specifications for DocumentPlus interface.


Epson Printer Driver

This file contains universal printer drivers and instructions for older Epson Dot Matrix Printers.

ESWepsonPrn.exe – A self-extracting executable zip file.

DuckDuckGo Browser

The downloading of programs from this website may be blocked by the Chrome browser. You can safely download programs using the DuckDuckGo browser. It’s free to download and install.

Install DuckDuckGo Browser


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